Mime Theatre Play

Voice in a Box is a nonverbal solo show. An anthology of visual short stories for your heart and a colourful journey into the fantastic world of modern mime.

About the show

Lights, music, action! After a warm welcome, I’m literally becoming Silent Rocco by putting my voice into a little box. With physical precision, I am carving original and touching stories out of the invisible. A Kaleidoscope of moods and cinematic moments that will stick with you long after the show is over.

Basic info

Type: stage play or street show / Genre: mime, pantomime, visual theatre, physical performance / Duration: 20 – 30 min / Number of artists: 1 performer, 1 technician / Language: nonverbal / Audience: all ages

The essence of storytelling

My costume is reduced to a black jumpsuit, there is no white face and no white gloves. Only with the support of coloured lights and an atmospheric soundtrack, I let you experience the magic of contemporary mime theatre. Storytelling at its most essential, yet most creative.

Video snippet of my underwater scene from “A Glass of Water”:

Video of “The Mask Maker” – visual short story inspired by Marcel Marceau:

How to book Voice in a Box

Surprise your audience with my Voice in a Box. The show works on indoor stages as well as during the evening times of outdoor events like street festivals. It has minimal technical requirements and I bring my own lights and, if needed, my own sound system. Just send an email to rocco@berlin.de or call +49 178 137 62 26, and tell me about your venue or event.

“The execution and body language in combination with the music are simply brilliant.” – SZ

Blue photos by Agnieszka Sikora, all other pictures by Gilles Soubeyrand