Robot Walkabout Act

Vintage robot act polaDroid is the coolest and most charming event photographer on the planet, taking real Polaroid pictures of your guests.

About the act

Say hello to robotic event photographer polaDroid, the mobile photo booth! With his camera face he is taking real analog pictures of his spectators and spits them out – literally, instantly. PolaDroid is the latest unique walkabout act created by Berlin-based Smirk Masks and performed by me, and it is available for bookings worldwide!

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  • Combines strolling act & photographer
  • 1 – 3 walkabout sets of 20 min each
  • 2 performers: robot and technician
  • International: no language barrier
  • Suitable for all events and audiences

Book this act

Hire polaDroid now! Simply send me an email to rocco@berlin.de and tell me about your event. Together, we will find the ideal setup to mesmerize your audience with this retrofuturistic character!

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8 photos at a time

Since polaDroid is working with real analog Polaroid film, he also has to deal with its limitations. One film pack contains 8 instant photos. After those pictures are taken, polaDroid briefly switches to maintenance mode to get manually recharged by his charming technician. With walkabout sets of 8 photos at a time, each single shoot turns into an entertaining experience and each printed photo becomes a precious item.

polaDroid - the robotic event photographer - sporting his cool leather jacket

Setting the right mood with music

As with all of my acts, polaDroid doesn’t talk. Instead, he carries a hidden sound system playing a collection of finest Hawaiian chillout tunes to always set the perfect mood. No matter if he is supposed to shoot a party group, some elegantly dressed business people or a couple madly in love: polaDroid will make everyone smile with his quirky music.

polaDroid - the vintage robot act from Berlin

Hire polaDroid now

Book this quirky, fun and visually mesmerizing photographer. Make your event guests get photographed by a humanoid robot that seems to have fallen out of time. Hit the press kit button below to download a polaDroid ZIP folder (4,9 MB) containing 5 photos in print quality. For any additional questions and enquiries just hit the booking button and send me an email. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

PS: polaDroid isn‘t supposed to replace any official event photographer. His photos are an additional gadget, a surprise gift for his spectators and a fun memory to take home. For documenting your event, please hire an additional professional. PolaDroid is here to entertain!

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