Mime Act

The silent Nonverbalists give the classic mime act a modern spin, charmingly entertaining audiences and cleverly advertising products and campaigns.

About the act

They are mimes, yes. But don’t be misled by their white faces. The Nonverbalists elevate the classic mime act to a whole new level. They are gents, they’re players, they’re clowns. They got class and knowledge. They get the spectator’s attention immediately and are always in full control of the situation. Imagine them as personal hosts, magicians, scientists, barkeepers, those professional guys who know their job very well, who guide your audiences, spread info and charm. As masters of physical theater the Nonverbalists don’t need to switch costumes to impersonate various roles and characteristics.

Basic info

Type: strolling act & custom show / Genre: mime, pantomime / Duration: several sets up to 60 min / Number of performers: 1-5 / Language: nonverbal / Audience: all ages


A new approach called neo-mime

The core team consists of Ferkel Johnson and me – Silent Rocco. Being invited to the same theater festival in Kurdistan / Iraq in 2012, we discovered our common love for good whisky and a shared vision of a new approach to the subject of neo-mime as we call it. And after a trade fair performance in Hannover where we tested our ideas and succeeded big time, the Nonverbalists were born: an elegantly dressed group of charismatic individuals who cannot wait to bring their smart way of silent entertainment to your event. From a single Nonverbalist to a big group of performers, your needs will be served.


Attention through silence

Fast, loud, coloured, flashy and short-lived – everything in our world seems to scream at you nowadays. That’s why the Nonverbalists are a welcome change. They might pass by discreetly but stick out from their surroundings like entities from another time. Their honest smile will mesmerize you and their gentle temper will emit trust and the feeling of relaxation. They are the guys you actually wanna hang out with. And if they got something to show or to tell, people will take the time to watch and listen. Messages reach their addressees without a single spoken word. And even more important, bumping into the Nonverbalists will be remembered.


Book a mime artist

Hire your personal Nonverbalists for: Trade fairs – they gonna promote your products and services in a personal and charming way. Shopping malls – special events like holiday happenings need special audience magnets. Festivals – strolling and flirting Nonverbalists make your audiences fall in love, that’s a promise. Congresses & conventions – after long talks people should get a break, and why not an entertaining one. Corporate events – they welcome your guests, guide through the evening and spread your drinks and giveaways. Parties – our silent dandies know how to dance, oh boy they do. Let them put their swing shoes on and go wild with your audience.


Get in touch for more info

Did you ever think of coolness when you thought about mime? Time to reconsider. Get in touch and tell me about your plans. Send an email to or call me at +49 178 137 62 26. Together, we will find the perfect task for our neo-mimes to make your event become dangerously awesome.

PRESS KIT DOWNLOAD containing a PDF with general information and five photos in high resolution (2,4 MB)

Photos by Henry Laurisch