Steampunk Robot

MR-27 is an automatic light guide and the world’s only steampunk robot act, a stunning walkabout performance for night time and themed events.

A robot’s story: part I

In a different time, in a different civilization mankind build hundreds of steam-powered humanoid machines to work in huge underground mining systems. They were mostly made of copper, wood and leather to stand the harsh conditions. Their task was to light the seemingly endless tunnels, guide their human colleagues to the right places and help in any dangerous situation. Strong and reliable co-workers to the miners, strange beasts to any outsider, they were always kind and good at heart. Then a big explosion ended everything…

Basic info

Type: walkabout & strolling act, guide / Genre: steampunk, robot, living doll, creature / Duration: several sets up to 45 min / Number of performers: 1 / Language: nonverbal / Audience: all ages


A robot’s story: part II

Centuries later, the surroundings feel completely different. But it’s still planet earth, and it’s 2017. Our brave new world. Surprisingly, one of those robots just appeared from a forgotten cave deep below the surface. The only survivor of its era. A small metal plate attached to its wooden backpack says ‘Mining Robot MR-27’. To distinguish between all those machines back then, and probably as a pun regarding their beast-like shell, someone wrote the nickname “Smirky” on this model. Humor was part of the old world too, it seems…


How to book this steampunk robot

So, here it is, still carrying out its duty. With the miner’s lamp in its hand still burning, MR-27 wants to guide people. And I would love to send this unique creature to your event. Just send an email to or call me at +49 178 137 62 26, and let there be light!

Creature designed and built by Smirk Masks
Photos by Oliver Milster