The Human Robot

Type: strolling act, stage show, custom show / Genre: robot act, living doll, popping, dance / Duration: up to 20 minutes per walkabout set, 5 minutes stage show / Number of performers: 1-2 / Language: nonverbal / Audience: all ages

Unmistakable with its white face, white skin and elegantly dressed in black, the MENSCHINE (German “man” + “machine”) from Metroccolis showcases a modern and¬†unique¬†performance: a living robot floats through the space switching its direction and dynamics from high-speed to slow-motion. The crowd wonders whether “human or machine?” and it seems impossible to take the eyes off this charismatic entity.


The unobtrusive black-and-white style, minimal requirements, a fast setup and a wide range of possible applications make this robot act suitable for nearly any event. Welcoming guests at the entrance, handing out give-aways or awards, performing passively in the background or actively mingling with the spectators, working with spontaneous improvisations or serving as an event highlight with a custom stage show. Also, you can make our MENSCHINE become your personal robot by a discreet branding on chest and back. Cool, right?


To put it short, we love this act. And so will you. This human robot has been around for more than eight years. Born as part of an art installation, soon afterwards showing up in many discotheques, and now traveling the world to rock at festivals, trade fairs or corporate events – the MENSCHINE is a contemporary mime act into which we have put our whole hearts and expertise. A seamless combination of precise physical theater and the fantastic craftsmanship of mask creator Smirk Masks from Berlin.


Brands like Porsche, Sony, Volkswagen or Lenovo, festivals like Glastonbury, Street Show Bangkok, Shenzhen Fringe Festival or Pflasterspektakel Linz, trade fairs like Cebit Hannover, IFA Berlin or Mobile World Congress Barcelona and clubs like Cocoon Frankfurt, Kater Holzig Berlin, Zukunft Zurich or Tresor Berlin – just to name a few – they all ordered their personal robots, often repeatedly. A quick and warm communication, a creative planning phase and most of all, a satisfying performance – our MENSCHINE delivers from start to finish. Robot promise.


Video of our robot act performing for Lenovo at IFA Berlin:


Video of the MENSCHINE having fun with a group of kids at Shenzhen Fringe Festival in China:



Video of our robot playing hide and seek at Hannover Messe:


Order your personal robots now! Simply send us an email to or call +49 178 137 62 26 and tell us about your event. Together, we will find the ideal setup to amaze your audience the Metroccolis way.

PRESS KIT DOWNLOAD containing a PDF with general information and five photos in high resolution (2,5 MB)