Mime & Music Cabaret

Type: stage show, theatre play / Genre: cabaret, mime, live music, clown, visual theatre, variety / Duration: 30 – 90 minutes / Number of artists: 4 performers & 1 photographer / Language: nonverbal, songs in English, hosting in English or German / Audience: all ages

A show like no other. And even each single performance is different. But skill, creativity, passion and the goal to enchant the audience always remain. The Karfunkel Karneval is a collaboration of exceptional arts. Three mime artists, one musician & vocalist and one photographer create a unique world apart from established variety productions.

At our Karneval, there is no trapeze swinging, no club flying. A colourful ensemble of charismatic characters sings, mimes and dances through the evening, celebrating the magic of the now. A creative revue somewhere between chanson, burlesque, puppetry, physical theatre and buffoonery that surprises constantly, switches moods unexpectedly. You will laugh out loud in one moment just to shed a tear in the next.

Some moving images from the Karfunkel Karneval in Switzerland:

The Karfunkel Karneval is an organically grown brainchild that we absolutely love. The artistic dream team consists of Ferkel Johnson & Kalena Leo from the Karfunkel Kabinett in Basel, Silent Rocco & Miss Walker from Metroccolis in Berlin, and Abnormalik from London – all masters of their craft, ready to mesmerize you from the first minute to the last.

It all started as a spontaneous production for a theatre ship in Basel, with great success. So now, we want to bring this show to stages around the world. And if there is no stage, we can bring our own little circus tent. The Karfunkel Karneval can be customized to your event regarding length and – to some extend – contend. Ferkel Johnson hosts the show either in his mother tongue German or in perfect English. And as a huge extra: each Karvenal is accompanied by Kalena Leo’s highly praised photo exhibition “Manege – Artists”.

Video tour through Kalena Leo’s “Manege – Artists” photo exhibition:

For any additional questions or booking enquiries, just send us an email to mail@metroccolis.com or call us at +49 178 137 62 26. As the sign in the photo above is saying, we promise you “anarchistic evening entertainment, magical theater only for the crazy ones”.

Photos by Kalena Leo