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A Glass of Water is a unique world-class mime act, carving an original and touching visual short story out of the invisible.

About the act

Imagine you are at house party. Music, people, loneliness. You are surrounded by short hellos and empty kindnesses. The only anchor seems to be the glass of water in your hand. Suddenly, this glass transforms into the way out, and a fantastic journey begins.

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  • A unique show act for all ages
  • Duration: 7 minutes, no setup needed
  • Suitable for international audiences
  • Modern mime at a world-class level
  • Available for bookings worldwide

Book this act

Book A Glass of Water! Simply send me an email to rocco@berlin.de and tell me about your event. Together, we will find the ideal setup to bring this magical mime act to your audience!

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Suitable for any event

A Glass of Water can be performed on any theatre or event stage. It’s a highly original addition to variety and circus shows, to cultural events, gala nights, corporate and private events. After sunset, it can also be played at outdoor events and street festivals.

Mime artist Silent Rocco with his underwater illusion A Glass of Water

Minimal requirements

All I need to perform A Glass of Water is a stage with a PA system and lights. Blue light is important! No setup or breakdown. Just a short tech briefing, a quick light rehearsal and I’m ready to dive!

Maximum effect

It’s just me on stage with some lights and music, yet the audience is deeply immersed. With physical precision, I tell a story everyone can relate to immediately. The magic of modern mime!

Mime artist Silent Rocco performing his pantomime piece A Glass of Water

Voices from the audience

“One of the most talented mimes out there, Silent Rocco has created this daydreamy performance and really everyone should watch it”

“Absolutely magical, wonderful to watch, and so inspiring”

“Whatever you think you know about mime… forget it, and enjoy this little treasure of a performance”

“Ingeniously moving and movingly ingenious”

“Mime is an important artistic discipline and should have more playground, and I am very proud that we have a new generation who goes to the next level”

Mime artist Silent Rocco with his underwater show act A Glass of Water

Book this modern mime act

Book “the world’s most beautiful story about a glass of water”. For any additional questions and enquiries just hit the booking button below and send me an email. I’m looking forward to holding my breath on your stage soon.

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Title photo by Gilles Dantzer, all other photos by Ronald Spratte