A work in progress snippet of my new robot act polaDroid and his animatronic eyebrows

What you see above is the head of my upcoming robot act polaDroid. Smirk Masks from Berlin is currently finishing this extraordinary costume. I visited Smirk’s workshop to check out the new animatronic eyebrows in action. And I’m super happy with the result.

PolaDroid will be a unique vintage robot taking real analogue Polaroid photos of your event guests and *literally* spitting them out, since his face itself IS the camera. He will mix and mingle with spectators, entertain with quirky yet stunning robot moves, while being accompanied by a soundtrack that’s perfectly matching each single photo shoot, from old school party tunes to long forgotten love songs. PolaDroid: the world’s coolest mobile photo booth.

I cannot wait to perform this character. If you are interested in booking the act, get in touch now and preorder this unique event photographer.

For more info on polaDroid please click here.

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