Silent Rocco’s modern mime in the final of Italia’s Got Talent 2019 (all videos)

One year ago, I was asked if I want to show my nonverbal work in the upcoming edition of Italia’s Got Talent. To perform on Italian television for an audience of millions was a chance I had to take. And long story short, I made it to the final which was aired live on the 22nd of March 2019. Here are the videos of all my TV performances. Enjoy!

First audition: A Glass of Water

My first performance was a 2-minute snippet of my underwater mime act A Glass of Water. You can find the whole piece on YouTube as well. Just click here for the full 7-minute version. One of the show’s judges – Federika Pellegrini – is a famous Italian swimmer, former world champion and Olympic gold medal winner. My performance was dedicated to her.

Semifinal: One Small Step

After getting 4 yeses in the first audition in Ancona, I created a new mime act for the semifinal in Rome. 2019 is the 50th anniversary of the first Moon landing. And since I’m a big fan of space-related topics, I choreographed and performed a short visual story about a journey to the Moon. Regarding the music I made an edit of some tracks by New Orleans based Reid Willis, my favorite producer. Inspired by this creation, I’m now also offering an astronaut walkabout act called Lostronaut. Find our more about this performance here.

Final: A Floating Sphere

Again, I received beautiful feedback and even standing ovations, and I was chosen to be amongst the 15 finalists of this year’s edition of Italia’s Got Talent. In my final creation for the live show in Milan, I wanted to tell a fable about a certain addiction most of us know all too well: mobile phones. This time, I used my stage partner Miss Walker’s new single Humming Bird as the background music for my act, and I highly recommend you to check out her website.

Thank you

Being part of such a big TV production, performing on those huge stages and being seen by millions of people was endlessly exciting. I also learned a lot about myself, my work and its potential to mesmerize big audiences everywhere in the world. Many thanks for this incredible opportunity.

Thanks to the crew of Italia’s Got Talent for finding, inviting and producing me. Thanks to the judges Claudio Bisio, Mara Maionchi, Federica Pellegrini and Frank Matano for their wonderful feedback. Many thanks to all my lovely Italian artist colleagues who performed amazing shows. And big hugs to the ones who made it to the final with me: rock’n’roll pianist Antionio Sorgentone, the Gypsy Musical Academy, dance crew Urban Theory, contemporary dance couple Alex e Alice, visual comedian Nicola Virdis, magician Andrea Paris, projection mapping artist Gianluca Falletta, singer Lorenzo Tronconi, choir Coro Divertimento Vocale, popping dancer Samuel Olatidoye, kids dance group Mini Raptor, stand-up comedienne Aurora Leone, saxophone player Ernesto Dolvi, and slam poet Simone Savogin.

And the biggest thanks is going out to the spectators and all my new fans in Italy. I received so many amazing messages and even artworks inspired by my performances. It literally made me speechless each single time. Thank you so much!

I’m now more motivated than ever to continue conquering the world with my way of performing. So, keep in touch for any future adventures. And get in touch, if you want me to perform on your stage.

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