Mime artist Silent Rocco on Scarlett Entertainment, the world’s leading entertainment specialists

Mime artist Silent Rocco on Scarlett Entertainment

UK-based artist and event agency Scarlett Entertainment is the world’s leading entertainment specialist with a catalogue of over 10.000 (and counting) artists worldwide. A team of around 35 people is operating in more than 11 languages to make fantastic events happen around the globe. You can find some of my acts and shows on their website. And here is why.

Global reach

As a freelance performing artist it is pretty hard to get a good reach with your own website. So, being listed on global platforms makes your work become more visible. They act as international agents. And through Scarlett Entertainment I already had the chance to bring my nonverbal creations to places that would have been much harder to get to on my own.

One address, full service

Event organisers love to work with full service partners. Instead of searching for a location here, an artist there and another artist somewhere else, it’s so much easier to call a specialist and get a package deal. This is why I fully understand that a potential client checks big platforms and agencies before getting lost in the world wide web in search for a fitting artist.

Silent Rocco's steamunk robot via Scarlett Entertainment

(My robot act MR-27 as part of Scarlett’s steampunk themed event campaign)

My artist profiles on Scarlett Entertainment

I can recommend all my fellow performing artists of all genres to get in touch with Scarlett Entertainment via their artist registration form. The team is super kind and highly professional. Here are a few of my acts and shows as advertised by Scarlett Entertainment:

Robot artists from Berlin on Scarlett Entertainment

My human robots Menschine: Humanoid Walk Around Robots

Fairytale stage show on Scarlett Entertainment

My theatre fairytale The Greatest Thing: Musical Mime Stage Show

Steampunk robot act on Scarlett Entertainment

My steampunk robot MR-27: Mechanical Copper Steam Robot

So, if you prefer to book your artists via agency, head over to Scarlett Entertainment’s website and make them get in touch with me. But, since you are already here, you can also simply click the contact button in the upper right corner 🙂 Either way, I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

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