Menschine roaming the streets of Odense, Denmark during the H.C. Andersen Festivals (review)

End of August, my human robots were invited to the renowned H.C. Andersen Festivals in Odense, Denmark. It’s an annual festival with 500 cultural and musical events within one week, in celebration of the city’s most famous son, Hans Christian Andersen. A journalist stumbled upon our futuristic performance and wrote this beautiful review:

“Robots take over Vestergade

The humanoid robots, Menschine, walk through the pedestrian streets with a performance that creates the feeling of being in the middle of a sci-fi movie.

In a world where technology spreads more and more, where robots take over jobs and artificial intelligence gets bigger and bigger, people might fear that someday robots will take over the world. But if you meet robots in the streets of Odense throughout the weekend, don’t think that this day has come. Even though the robots’ movements are realistic and their outfits well executed, there are human beings hiding behind the white masks and black costumes, when Menschine perform their walkabout performance.

Menschine impress with their superior ability to control their movements, and when Silent Rocco and Magdalena Walker appear in the streets, they draw the attention from everyone passing by and create a ring of spectators full of praise. Laughter and smile is the agenda when those human-like robots interact with the audience of all ages. The music that emerges from the robots’ backpacks invites you to dream about a world in a distant future where robots and people coexist together. With funny details like handshakes with the audience, this short show is worth an experience for both children and adults.”

Written by Sofie Højlund Rasmussen
For more info on the act click here.

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