My human robots bringing the future and some wonder to a shopping mall in Delft, Netherlands

Human robot giving fist bump through windows at a shopping mall in Delft, Netherlands

The De Hoven Passage is a charming little shopping mall in Delft, Netherlands. This year, it is celebrating its 50th anniversary. And instead of looking back, De Hoven has been hosting a variety of robot-themed events to praise the future. The Menschine robots were invited to be part of the Robotica Market last Saturday, and we had a lot of fun with and among the visitors.

Menschine, the human robots roaming a shopping mall in the Netherlands

It was lovely to see the surprise in the people’s faces when they suddenly met my two human robots. With some beautiful electronic ambient music running from our backpacks, we roamed around, gave many hugs and high fives, handed out info brochures about the mall’s robot events, and guided spectators to other robot projects that were exhibited everywhere at De Hoven.

Menschine, the human robot together with a telepresence robot in a shopping mall

Many thanks to Rispa Boot and Anne van Amsterdam from WF Communicatie for the booking and the great organization. It was a pleasure to bring my contemporary performance to beautiful Delft. And if you are interested in my robots as well, please check out this Menschine info page, and let me know about your event. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

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