Human robot promoting the unconditional basic income at the German film premiere of Free Lunch Society in Berlin

Free Lunch Society

On February 1st, Germany film production company OVALmedia organized the crowd premiere of the documentary Free Lunch Society – Come Come Basic Income, the world’s first feature film about the universal or unconditional basic income. As a strong supporter of this concept I sent my Menschine robot to the movie theater to support this event!

Free Lunch Society - Berlin premiere

I welcomed the guests with my performance at the cinema’s lobby, handing out flyers for the film. Afterwards I could enjoy the screening of this truly fantastic documentary (make sure to watch it, if possible), which was followed by a highly interesting panel discussion hosted by Lilian Frank from OVALmedia, featuring the film’s director Christian Todd, politician Wolfgang Strengmann-Kuhn and Cariats worker Renate Stark. Click on the following photo for a short video snippet of my performance and a few words (in German) of the director during the post-film discussion:

The continuous digitization and automation of society and therefore the termination of countless jobs are reason enough for an unconditional basic income, in my opinion. That’s why I’m proud to visualize this partial aspect with my robot performance in an entertaining way. And I’m sure this wasn’t my last appearance to promote this campaign. Mission basic income: to be continued!

Film trailer and synopsis

“Just a few years ago, an unconditional basic income was considered a pipe dream. Today, this utopia is more imaginable than ever before – intense discussions are taking place in all political and scientific camps. FREE LUNCH SOCIETY provides background information about this idea and searches for explanations, possibilities and experiences regarding its implementation.”

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