Fairytale theatre from Berlin mesmerizing audiences at the MIMAME clown and mime festival in Medellín, Colombia

This year, musician Miss Walker and I got invited to Colombia to perform our theatre fairytale The Greatest Thing at the 21st clown and mime festival MIMAME in Medellín. And it was one of the most wonderful guest performance tours and also one of the best festival experiences in my artistic career.

I fell in love with the country, the city, its vibe, its people, their food, music… basically everything. I also met amazing new colleagues and had the pleasure to see some very entertaining shows. And the most fantastic and most rewarding thing of all: our audiences absolutely loved The Greatest Thing. We performed at various places all over the city, from a 1700-seat university theatre to a small and colourful open air stage in a holiday park. And each time magic happened. I feel endlessly blessed that I had the honour to bring my tender creation to Colombia. It was my first time in Latin America, but definitely not the last. I cannot wait to come back! Many thanks to Hader from theatre La Polilla in Medellín for inviting us.

Slideshow photos by David Berrio, video edit by Paco Suárez Castillo

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