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Extraordinary movement qualities merged with charisma and sensitivity create a contemporary and unique mime style that brings captivating characters and affecting stories to life.

My current mime pieces, walkabout acts and shows:

About Me

"Master of mime Silent Rocco lives and breathes his characters, mesmerizing the audience with a silent art form well beyond antiquated mime clichés." - Preston City Guild Festival, UK

  • I shut up. You listen.
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    I’m a professional and passionate mime artist, being dedicated to this art form since I was 14. Mostly self-educated, I moved to Berlin in 2003 to study mime at a theatre school. Since then I’ve been creating numerous acts and shows, performing in China, Colombia, Thailand, India, Qatar, Egypt, Russia, Iraq, Israel, Korea and all over Europe. I'm looking forward to continue this exciting journey, celebrating the magic of modern mime on small and big stages around the world, with my own creations, as a guest performer in national and international theatre, variety and circus productions, as physical actor in film and video, and as a dramaturgy, choreography and movement coach for other artists' work.

    Wanna know more, hire me or collaborate? Get in touch!


Silent Rocco’s modern mime in the final of Italia’s Got Talent 2019 (all videos)

One year ago, I was asked if I want to show my nonverbal work in the upcoming edition of Italia’s Got Talent. To perform on Italian television for an audience of millions was a chance I had to take. And long story short, I made it to the final which was aired live on the 22nd of March 2019. Here are the videos of all my TV performances. Enjoy!

My partner is a fantastic singer-songwriter and you should listen to her music

Not only is Miss Walker a great Menschine robot, the charming technician in every polaDroid performance and the singing neon-fairy in The Greatest Thing, first and foremost she is a passionate musician and a fantastic singer-songwriter. And I urge you to check out her music.

Fairytale theatre from Berlin mesmerizing audiences at the MIMAME clown and mime festival in Medellín, Colombia

This year, musician Miss Walker and I got invited to Colombia to perform our theatre fairytale The Greatest Thing at the 21st clown and mime festival MIMAME in Medellín. And it was one of the most wonderful guest performance tours and also one of the best festival experiences in my artistic career.

Right in time for the 50th anniversary of the first Moon landing: the world’s most stunning astronaut act has arrived! (video preview)

Look who just rang the doorbell. My latest walkabout act Lostronaut is here, spreading the magic of space among his spectators and celebrating low gravity on Earth. Video preview teaser below. For early info and booking inquiries please get in touch! And remember: 2019 is the 50th anniversary of Neil Amstrong taking one small step for man, and a giant leap for mankind. The perfect occasion to book this act.

Tour Dates

All public performances in 2020, sorted by date, act/show, place and further info. Let me know, if you need any additional details on an event listed below. And if you are nearby, come over!

28. FEB
Silent Rocco
Helsinki (Finland)
Mime performance at HELMIME festival at Puppet Theatre Sampo



04. – 29. NOV
Silent Rocco
Höchst (Germany)
Mime performance in mixed variety show at Neues Theater Höchst



I play fascinating walkabout acts, touching stage shows and individual custom creations. Worldwide. Just fill in the contact form below or directly send me an email and tell me about your upcoming event. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

The magic of modern mime - at your service.

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Rocco Menzel

Nehringstr. 25

14059 Berlin, Germany



Mobile phone: +49 178 137 62 26