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Extraordinary movement qualities merged with charisma and sensitivity create a unique mime style that brings captivating characters and affecting stories to life.

My current mime pieces, walkabout acts and shows:

About Me

"Master of mime Silent Rocco lives and breathes his characters, mesmerizing the audience with a silent art form well beyond antiquated mime clichés." - Preston City Guild Festival, UK

  • I shut up. You listen.
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    I’m a professional and passionate mime artist, being dedicated to this art form since I was 14. Mostly self-educated, I moved to Berlin in 2003 to study mime at a theatre school. Since then I’ve been creating numerous acts and shows, performing in China, Thailand, India, Qatar, Egypt, Russia, Iraq, Israel, Korea and all over Europe. I'm looking forward to continue this exciting journey, celebrating the magic of modern mime on small and big stages around the world, either with my own creations or as a guest performer in national and international theatre, variety and circus productions.


Menschine roaming the streets of Odense, Denmark during the H.C. Andersen Festivals (review)

End of August, my human robots were invited to the renowned H.C. Andersen Festivals in Odense, Denmark. It’s an annual festival with 500 cultural and musical events within one week, in celebration of the city’s most famous son, Hans Christian Andersen. A journalist stumbled upon our futuristic performance and wrote this beautiful review:

Thank you, Wismar!

The Greatest Thing at boulevART festival in Wismar, Germany

Wismar, we love you! After performing six lovely shows at the international street theatre festival boulevART in Hanseatic City of Wismar, Germany we are super tired and endlessly happy. Miss Walker and I rarely had such wonderful spectators and listeners. On top of that, a brilliant organization by Lebenshilfe Kunst und Kultur, a great local helper team, and fantastic weather. We couldn’t have wished for more and hope to be back in beautiful Wismar soon! ❤️

My human robots bringing the future and some wonder to a shopping mall in Delft, Netherlands

Human robot giving fist bump through windows at a shopping mall in Delft, Netherlands

The De Hoven Passage is a charming little shopping mall in Delft, Netherlands. This year, it is celebrating its 50th anniversary. And instead of looking back, De Hoven has been hosting a variety of robot-themed events to praise the future. The Menschine robots were invited to be part of the Robotica Market last Saturday, and we had a lot of fun with and among the visitors.

Combining walkabout performance with event photography: Watch this new teaser video for my latest robot character polaDroid!

Silent Rocco's robot act polaDroid

My new robot character polaDroid is available for bookings now! PolaDroid combines a stunning robot walkabout act with the profession of an event photographer. This vintage robot with a camera head takes instant photos of his audiences and spits them out, literally! Just watch this short VHS clip:

Tour Dates

All public performances in 2018, sorted by date, act/show, place and further info. Let me know, if you need any additional details on an event listed below. And if you are nearby, come over!

17. FEB
Delft (Netherlands)
Robot walkabout performance for De Hoven’s 50th anniversary


15. – 28. MAR
The Greatest Thing
Incheon (South Korea)
Guest performance at Small Theater Dolce


12. APR
A Glass of Water
Berlin (Germany)
Mime solo act at Bühne frei für Neues


16. APR
A Glass of Water
Teltow (Germany)
Mime solo act at Sneak Show at Kulturklub Teltow


21. APR
The Greatest Thing
Potsdam (Germany)
Stage show at Theatershiff Potsdam


20. – 21. MAY
The Greatest Thing
Norderstedt (Germany)
Outdoor stage show at ParkPerPlex


13. MAY
The Greatest Thing
Berlin (Germany)
Outdoor stage show at Hafenfest at Berlin’s Historic Harbour, Märkisches Ufer


17. MAY
A Glass of Water
Berlin (Germany)
Mime solo act at Crossover Battle at ufaFabrik


26. MAY
The Greatest Thing
Neuenhagen (Germany)
Outdoor show at Neuenhagen castle


27. MAY
The Greatest Thing
Biesenthal (Germany)
Outdoor show at Regionalmarkt


29. MAY
A Glass of Water
Ancona (Italy)
Mime solo act at Italia’s Got Talent (TV)


02. JUN
The Greatest Thing
Beeskow (Germany)
Outdoor show at Offene Höfe


7. JUN
Berlin (Germany)
Robot walkabout performance at the Innovation Day of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, organised by AiF Projekt GmbH


10. – 15. JUN
Frankfurt (Germany)
Custom robot show for Harro Höfliger at Achema trade fair


16. – 17. JUN
The Greatest Thing
Braunschweig (Germany)
Street show at Buskers Braunschweig


30. JUN
A Glass of Water
Potsdam (Germany)
Mime solo act during Stadt für eine Nacht at Water Stage


30. JUN – 01. JUL
The Greatest Thing
Potsdam (Germany)
Outdoor stage show during Stadt für eine Nacht at Theaterschiff


07. JUL
The Greatest Thing
The Hague (Nehterlands)
Outdoor stage show at Zeeheldenfestival


20. – 21. JUL
The Greatest Thing
The Hague (Nehterlands)
Outdoor stage show at Zuiderparktheater, organized by The English Theatre STET


28. – 29. JUL
The Greatest Thing
Wismar (Germany)
Outdoor stage show at BoulevART festival


03. – 05. AUG
The Greatest Thing
Braunschweig (Germany)
Outdoor stage show at Schloss-Spektakel at Richmond castle


10. – 11. AUG
The Greatest Thing
Zurich (Switzerland)
Outdoor stage show at Lethargy festival


16. AUG
The Greatest Thing
Zurich (Switzerland)
Outdoor stage show at Theaterspektakel


18. AUG
The Greatest Thing
Neu-Ulm (Germany)
Street show at Kultur auf der Strasse


23. – 25. AUG
Odense (Denmark)
Robot walkabout performance at H.C.Andersen Festival


31. AUG – 01. SEP
The Greatest Thing
Werne (Germany)
Street show at StraßenFESTIVAL Werne


07. – 08. SEP
The Greatest Thing
Hildesheim (Germany)
Street show at Pflasterzauber festival


15. SEP
The Greatest Thing
Öhringen (Germany)
Stage show at Lange Nacht der Kultur


30. SEP
A Glass of Water
Berlin (Germany)
Mime solo act at Nowhere Nowhere


15. OCT
A Glass of Water
Hannover (Germany)
Mime solo act at Browodys Broadway at GOP variety


18. – 19. OCT
A Glass of Water
Paris (France)
Mime solo act at MIMESIS festival at the International Visual Theatre


27. – 28. OCT
Moritzburg (Germany)
Robot walkabout performance at Fisch- & Waldfest


02. – 11. NOV
The Greatest Thing + A Glass of Water
Medellín (Columbia)
Guest performance at the international mime and clown festival MIMAME


01. DEC
The Greatest Thing
Dresden (Germany)
Stage show at Theater August


22. DEC
The Greatest Thing
Filderstadt (Germany)
Stage show at Rabehnbühne



25. FEB – 09. MAR
Silent Rocco
Berlin (Germany)
Impersonating various robot characters in the theatre play Murder at the Holodeck at Pfefferbergtheater, more info soon


20. APR
The Greatest Thing
Potsdam (Germany)
Stage show at Theatershiff Potsdam


I play fascinating walkabout acts, touching stage shows and individual custom creations. Worldwide. Just fill in the contact form below or directly send me an email and tell me about your upcoming event. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

The magic of modern mime - at your service.

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